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Brief reminder and summary of the scientific activities of the conference

19-09-2018 11:11

Dear all, just a brief reminder and summary of the scientific activities of the conference,

Regarding time allocation
Research papers 12-15 minutes presentation, organized in 3 parallel sessions for each Working Group
Workshops 60 minutes, organized in 2 or 3 parallel sessions
Symposium 90 minutes
Multimodal Communication 10-12 minutes presentation

Regarding the conference structure and rationale
The conference (and the Working Groups) functions in three interacting levels: the individual, the thematic community of the working group, the conference community.
The participants are respectively expected
a) to communicate their contribution and reflect upon the feedback they receive (individual),
b) to share ideas and reflect upon the work of other colleagues in the same working group, including both the research papers presented in the group and other contributions that are linked to them of the group (workshop, multimodal communication, symposium, plenary)
c) to reflect upon contributions group (workshop, multimodal communication, symposium, plenary)not immediately linked to the theme of the working group, in order to seek divergences and convergences to the discussions within the working group.

Thus, a Working Group may include more presentations than another, but at the same time the other Working Group may include more participants with other contributions with the same theme.

The constant interplay between collective and individual reflections, between the I, the We and the Other, are expected to facilitate the Working Groups in discerning future, possibly unexpected till then, paths.

Note that the Working Groups Reports Session is expected to communicate a summary of this work to the rest of the participants.

A note about AGORA
AGORA is a deeply democratic, brainstorming, reflective, inclusive session, where we aim to map the variety existing in our community, to embrace the diversities, to allow all thoughts to be voiced!