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Workshop 1
Tales of the transgressive body - more than a single story: DST in a climate of transgression
Nic Crowe, Brunel University London, UK
Gail Waite, Brunel University London, UK
Mike Watt, Brunel University London, UK

Workshop 2
“My story is significant” digital storytelling as a resilience-building intervention with first generation undergraduates
Jessica Bacal, Smith College, USA 
Deborah Keisch, University of Massachusetts, USA
Yvonne Mendez, University of Massachusetts, USA

Workshop 3
Can digital storytelling enable identity building for youth at risk and tackle radicalisation?
Veronique De Leener, Mak vzw, Belgium

Workshop 4
Ethical digital storytelling in healthcare research: dilemmas and debates
Carol Haigh, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Pip Hardy, Manchester Metropolitan University/Patient Voices, UK

Workshop 5
Words, Things, Humans: notes on working with digital storytellers who have communication challenges
Karen Matthews, Weasel Tale Digital Storytelling, Canada
Jocelyn Brown, Weasel Tale Digital Storytelling, Canada
Judy Sillito, Weasel Tale Digital Storytelling, Canada

Workshop 6
Digital storytelling in the foreign language classroom
Elisabeth Poelzleitner, University College of Teacher Education Styria, Austria
Hermine Penz, University of Graz, Austria
Roberta Maierhofer, University of Graz, Austria

Workshop 7
Storytelling in the round - what digital storytelling can bring to virtual reality and vice versa
Chris Thomson, Jisc, UK
Zac Gribble, Jisc, UK
John Sumpter, Jisc, UK