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Pip Hardy

Patient Voices/Pilgrim Projects Limited UK

Pip Hardy’s first degree is in English literature, which she put to use teaching in non-traditional contexts, with homeless and unemployed people, prisoners, women returning to work, and others unable to access conventional education. In the mid-80s, she moved behind the computer to specialise in designing, writing, editing and managing the development of large open and distance learning programmes across a range of subjects. Soon after setting up Pilgrim Projects with Tony Sumnerin 2000, they were commissioned to undertake extensive work in the field of healthcare. It soon became obvious that stories were key to the development of reflective practitioners and, turn, to the transformation of healthcare, and the Patient Voices Programme was born. Since then Pip has obtained an MSc in lifelong learning and a PhD investigating the potential of digital storytelling to transform healthcare.


“The end is where we start from” Looking back on 15 years of the Patient Voices Programme

Pip Hardy and Tony Sumner founded the Patient Voices Programme in 2003. Their intention was to gather and share digital stories of healthcare (and sometimes the lack of it) to augment, enhance and provide a balance for, the quantitative data that informs most decisions about how healthcare is designed and delivered, educated and evaluated.

Since then, well over 1000 stories have been recorded, research has been conducted, papers have been written, books have been published, awards have been won, lessons have been learned and friends have been made.

This presentation will look back over the past 15 years, reflecting on our experiences, drawing on highlights from the Patient Voices Programme, illuminating some of the lessons learned and anticipating the next stage of the journey.

‘What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.’ T S Eliot