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Call for Papers

All contributions should follow the appropriate conference template in the attached file:



The contributions will be organised in thematic subthemes.
The official language of the conference is English.
Please note that all contributions will be first submitted in the form of an extended abstract (500 words).

DST researchers and practitioners are invited to share their experience through four types of contributions:

1. Research (empirical or theoretical) Papers (included in the Conference Proceedings),
- 10 pages according to the Conference template 

2. Multimodal Communications in a dual format, including both
- a DST (to be shown during the conference),
§ DST video file in mpeg4 format
- an extended summary (included in the Conference Proceedings)
§ 2 pages according to the Conference template.

3. Workshops (included in the Conference Proceedings).
- 8 pages according to the Conference template.

4. Symposia (included in the Conference Proceedings), including both
- 4 pages summary according to the Conference template and
- 3 to 8 contributions 6 pages each according to the Conference template.

The contributors will be notified of the results of the reviewing process of their abstracts and they will subsequently submit their full contribution.